Outline Map of Phumĭ Cha Thum (2), rectangular outline

Political Panoramic Map of Phumĭ Cha Thum (2)

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Prey Vêng Chŏng Chéach Kâmchay Méa Khŭm Ângkôr Ban Khŭm Barông Khŭm Chibal Khŭm Kâmpóng Âmpĭl Khŭm Kâmpóng Châmlâng Khŭm Kaôh Choram Khŭm Kbal Kaôh Khŭm Lngiĕng Khŭm Mésâr Prâchăn Khŭm Prăm Yam Khŭm Preăh Prâsáb Khŭm Prêk Dâmbok Khŭm Prêk Ta Sâr Khŭm Prey Sniĕt Khŭm Réab Khŭm Rôka Ar Khŭm Rôka Chônlœ̆ng Khŭm Sânlŭng Khŭm Sithôr Khŭm Sor Kông Khŭm Svay Rômiĕt Khŭm Ta Êk Khŭm Thmâ Kôr Khŭm Tông Trâlach Khŭm Trâpeăng Phlŏng Kôkir Phumĭ Âmpĭl Phumĭ Âmpĭl Phumĭ Âmpĭl Krau Phumĭ Âmpĭl Ta Pôk Phumĭ Âmpĭl Toŭl Phumĭ Âmpĭl (1) Phumĭ Âmpĭl (2) Phumĭ Ândaôt Phumĭ Ândong Phumĭ Ândong Kdei Phumĭ Ândong Slêng Phumĭ Ândong Trâbêk Phumĭ Ângk A Chéa (2) Phumĭ Ângk Chey Phumĭ Ângkôr Chey Phumĭ Ângkôr Trét Phumĭ Ângkôr Yós Phumĭ Ângkrông Phumĭ Ânhchaeum Phumĭ Ânhchanh (2) Phumĭ Ânkéa Dei Phumĭ Ânlóng Phumĭ Ânlóng Poŭng Phumĭ Ânlóng Sô Phumĭ Ânlóng Tréa Phumĭ Ânlŭng Âk Phumĭ Ânlŭng Chrey Phumĭ Ânsaông Phumĭ Ântŭng Sâ Phumĭ Babaông Phumĭ Baeuk Tuk Phumĭ Băk Daôk Phumĭ Bak Tang Phumĭ Bânghêk Tey Phumĭ Bânléch Svay (2) Phumĭ Bânlĭch Phumĭ Bântéay Dêk Phumĭ Bântéay Srê Phumĭ Baprei Phumĭ Baray Phumĭ Baray Bântéay Phumĭ Baray Khang Lĕch Phumĭ Basrei Phumĭ Bât Tras (1) Phumĭ Bêk Dâb Phumĭ Bĕt Méas Phumĭ Bœ̆ng Phumĭ Bœ̆ng Chôr Phumĭ Bœ̆ng Kák Phumĭ Bœ̆ng Krum Phumĭ Bœ̆ng Krum KândalSvay RiengKandalPrey VengKampong ChamNinh Thuan
Phumĭ Cha Thum (2)

Maps of Phumĭ Cha Thum (2)

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Learn more about the map styles

Each map type offers different information and each map style is designed for a different purpose. Read about the styles and map projection used in the above map (Political Panoramic Map of Phumĭ Cha Thum (2)).

Political map shows how people have divided up the world into countries and administrative regions such as states, counties, provinces, municipalities and postal zones. Different colors represent different countries and regions, whereas different shades of one color represent their internal divisions.

The choice of color is not related to the characteristics of Phumĭ Cha Thum (2), colors are assigned to countries and regions randomly. The capital is marked with a black star inside a white circle. Squares and circles of various size indicate other major cities.

A map projection is a way how to transform points on a Earth to points on a map. Different projections are developed for different purposes. This map of Phumĭ Cha Thum (2) uses Plate Carree projection, a simple variant of the equidistant cylindrical projection.

The Plate Carree projection has straight and equally spaced meridians and parallels that meet at right angles. They form a grid of equal rectangles over the entire world map. Each degree of latitude and longitude is the same size.


Administrative classification
world atlas region
11° 23' 26" N
11° 58' 11" N
105° 0' 0" E
105° 57' 0" E
Minimal elevation
-29 m
Maximal elevation
145 m
mainland, lakes

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Political Horizon Map of Phumĭ Cha Thum (2)

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