Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maphill?

Maphill is a map gallery. We create and display map images.

What is Maphill not?

Maphill is not an alternative to Google maps or similar services. We focus on lower detailed maps and map images for illustrative purposes.

Why did you create Maphill?

We built Maphill due to the lack of quality and easy-to-use map graphics available on the web.

What makes Maphill different?

The way we create maps. We knew that we want to build many millions of maps and keep the production costs low. There was only one way to achieve this goal. We had to automate the entire process of turning geographic data into images. With all it is, and all it was.

Why did you choose to automate the process of creating maps?

We choose to automate the process of creating maps not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Because that challenge was one that we were willing to accept, one we were unwilling to postpone.

Can I use maps on my own website?

Absolutely. We offer a smaller version of all maps for free. Please see the license for full details.

How can I get more detailed maps?

Every map page allows you to switch to "detailed" map type featuring the very detailed map of a given place or region provided by Google Maps. In our own maps we are limited by the quality and the level of detail of the source data available in public domain.

How can you offer maps for free?

From the very beginning, we designed Maphill to keep costs down. We automate everything. We are able to produce and deliver maps faster and cheaper than was ever before possible.

Will the maps be free forever?

As long as there is Maphill, maps will always be free.

How do you make money?

We show ads on the Maphill website. Advertising revenue helps us to cover large bandwidth and server bills each month.

Why do you offer hotel bookings at Maphill?

Because maps are nice, but you can see much more when you actually visit the places shown on the maps. We partner with to be able to offer you access to a wide selection of hotels at low prices and with great customer service.

How can I purchase a map?

Thank you your interest in Maphill maps. We are sorry, but we do not sell the maps at this time.

Do you know any other gallery that allows you to take the pictures with you?


Why there is Maphill logo in each picture?

Because then, no matter how and where you come across the image, you always know where the map comes from. And where you can find more similar maps if interested. Would you still prefer images without our logo? We promise that the logo will be smaller and smaller with every next version of the maps.

Is it just me or are the maps really beautiful?

Nope, it's not just you.

How can I help Maphill?

If you like any of the maps, please don't keep it to yourself. Share the maps on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. What is one small click for you, could be one giant leap for Maphill. And yes, we'd also love to hear your feedback, as it helps us understand what we can do better. Thank you.

Can I help Maphill even more?

Yes! Many interesting things are hidden behind the processing and visualization of large data sets. We have solved many problems, but there is still much more to learn. If you know how and why, and you would enjoy helping us to take Maphill to the next level, we will be delighted to hear from you.

Should your question remain unanswered, please contact us.