Image Licensing

Maphill is the gallery with many millions of original map images. No, we don't want to keep all that beauty to ourselves. We created smaller version of all images and we offer them to you for free. Do you know any other gallery that allows you to take the pictures with you?

Free Images

Free images are clearly marked and always provided with the code snippet containing the link to Maphill. You can also easily recognize these images by the word "free" in their url. You may use these images for free for commercial and/or personal use as long as the image remains unaltered.

All images marked as "free" are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivative License (CC BY-ND).

You are free:

  • To copy, distribute and transmit these images.
  • To make commercial use of these images.

Under the following conditions:

  • You must attribute the images to "Maphill". The full Credit Line is: "© Maphill / CC BY-ND". It is enough to use some wording such as "Map by Maphill" or "Image by Maphill".
  • You must link to Maphill homepage (or any other relevant page under Maphill website) from each web page where you use the images.
  • You may not alter, transform, or build upon these images.

With the understanding that:

Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get written permission from us.

Why don't we allow to modify the images?

We want to be sure everyone knows where the images come from. This is why we mark all images with our logo and why we do not allow you to modify them. Apart from this restriction, you may use the images in any way you like, for as long as you like, in as many different projects as you like.

What about the other images?

At this time, we don't allow to use non-free images outside the Maphill website. We would like Maphill website to be the only place where the original images can be viewed. You are more than welcome to come anytime and view any of the pictures within the walls of Maphill's own web gallery. The admission is always free.

Please read the full Terms of Use.